Patricia is amazing! She worked with our puppy from the day we got him at 8 weeks old, and taught him SO many of the basic skills crucial for a great dog. She trained him AND trained us on best practices for raising a new puppy. Her puppy social was well-organized, fun for humans and puppies alike, and essential in socializing our puppy. He is now a confident, capable one-year-old, very much thanks to his sweet start with Woofgang. Patricia is extremely responsive, communicative, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. Just ask our dog– though they don’t see each other often anymore, he literally jumps for joy if we see Patricia, and greets her like the great friend and dog whisperer she is. Baytails has our highest recommendation! ~ Maria L., Berkeley, CA

Patricia has been amazing from the start. We did a lot of research on our pup before we adopted him and we knew that we needed to put in work to give him the best and successful life.

Puppy Socials:
We took our pup (Waffles) to Patricia’s puppy socials right at 9 weeks old until he graduated at 16 weeks. These puppy socials helped waffles learned positive behaviors, how to play, desensitized him to people and dogs, different floor textures, sounds, bikes, etc. These socials also taught us dog parents how to watch out for good play. We learned alot about our dog during these puppy socials. She worked with Furball fitness and kept the area clean and sanitized to ensure that our pups and us humans were safe. We all wore masks and kept a good distance from others.

We saw Patricia for a few weeks for basic puppy training. We are located in Oakland, and she came to our place for training. She helped us with basic behavioral tips. The first thing waffles learned was how to go up and down stairs. Before Patricia, waffles would be soooo scared of stairs and refused to touch em. After 10 mins with Patricia he was going up and down em like it was nothing! I was so shocked because I couldn’t get him to do it for the life of me. Since then, waffles has learned how to not jump on people, how to wait, leave it, fetch, focus, not bite on people/things,
how to walk without pulling, etc.

Waffles is the best dog and we’ve put in the work that Patricia recommended, and instilled in both waffles and us parents. She’s helped us understand our dogs behaviors and helped us make sure to always set him up for success. We are extremely grateful for Patricia and we don’t know how we could’ve raised our “pandemic puppy” without her. 10/10 highly recommend Patricia and all her services! ~ Jerica S., Oakland, CA

I first met Patricia through her puppy socials at Furball fitness in Oakland. I was immedietly so impressed with her ability to connect so well with a large group of puppies. I attended 4 puppy socials in total and am confident that this is a big part of why my dog is so good with other dogs. After meeting her at the socials we began private training for several weeks. Patricia was always super helpful, calm and patient and was able to easily and clearly explain to me how to continue training my dog with the new information she gave me. I never felt overwhelmed with her training method and I always noticed amazing results. I appreciate how tailored she makes the training sessions based on what feels important to you. We worked on leash training, recall, leave it and so much more. After working on recall training I was able to take my dog on all sorts of off leash hikes. I always get complements about how well trained my dog which I think is a clear indicator of how good of a trainer Patricia is. I highly recommend working with her for dog training! ~ Shira R., Oakland, CA

We had the good fortune to find Patricia and Woofgang in January of 2021 shortly after we brought home a 9 week old puppy. We were thrilled to attend the weekly puppy socials with the goal of socializing our pup during the critical window. We’re not sure who had more fun, the humans or the dog! Patricia imparted lots of wisdom about doggy communication at the socials and we found that very helpful. When our pup aged out of the socials we signed up for training sessions to work on loose leash walking, in addition to basic tricks and curbing bad behaviors. We found the training sessions really helpful and also appreciated the follow up emails which were good reminders of our homework to practice with our dog. Patricia is amazing and we highly recommend her services! ~ Peggy & John B., Berkeley, CA

Patricia was instrumental as my husband and I embarked on the daunting (but exciting) task of becoming first time puppy parents. Over the course of 6 weeks, we worked with Patricia during our puppy’s most critical socialization and training period.

Patricia / Woofgang has many extraordinary qualities – here are just a few:

1) Domain expertise – Patricia knows dogs, and it is clear she has a myriad of experiences with dogs of all ages, play styles, and breeds. She uses this to then inform how best to engage, play, and train your pup to be successful. We also loved that she would follow up with e-mail recaps of what we learned each week so we could continue practicing the training at home.

2) Reliability & accessibility – She is always on time (or even early!). It was great knowing how dependable Patricia was, and it makes it easier as a client to know she will be punctual, whether it’s for a training session or a dog walk. She’s also easy to reach via text or email and is very flexible and accommodating too, which we appreciated.

3) Patience & demeanor – I know Patricia has many beloved clients, but she has a way of making you feel like your dog is loved as if it was her own, and she treats them with the utmost compassion, respect, and patience. She never loses her cool and truly sticks to the positive reinforcement philosophy to build happy and successful dogs.

We’ve had a blast learning from Patricia and have seen our handsome lab puppy progress significantly – at under 15 weeks, he’s already mastered Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Leave It, is pretty much potty trained, and has softened his bite significantly. Oh, and he’s a confident doggie playmate, which we’ve witnessed at various puppy socials which Woofgang also hosts and are really well run!

And most of all, Patricia is a joy to work with – genuine, approachable, and kind. We look forward to connecting with Patricia as our pup continues his journey into adulthood! ~ Amy P., Oakland, CA

*****Wishing I could give more than 5 stars!*****

Where do I begin? Patricia/Woofgang is a godsend.

I have been with Woofgang since 2012, and there hasn’t been one moment in 8 years that I have ever had to worry about the safety or wellbeing of my 2 dogs.

While it may be easy for some people to trust others with their beloved dogs, it wasn’t for me. BEFORE finding Patricia, I had an absolutely horrible experience with another dog walker (whom I will not name) and I nearly lost one of my dogs, and didn’t think I’d ever be able to fully trust another walker again.
Well, I’m elated to say that Patricia has proved me wrong!

Here are some words I’d use all day long, to describe Patricia: Experienced, Trustworthy, Responsible, Professional, Honest, Dependable, Dedicated, Compassionate, Committed, Punctual, Loving, Caring & Kind (and this is just the short list).

We consider Patricia a member of the family …. my dogs (Enzo & Luca) sit by the front door, every morning, 5 days a week, waiting in anticipation for their friend to show up, and take them on their daily adventure. She has vastly improved their quality of life by providing them with exercise, socialization and sheer joy.

We couldn’t live without her! ~ Lori P., San Francisco, CA

Patricia is the BEST. So much so that we knew we wanted to work with her before we even had a dog of our own! I used to walk my kiddo in a stroller through the Presidio where we would encounter Patricia and her “pack”. Her dogs were so mellow, gentle, and well behaved on and off leash. They would gently nuzzle my eager toddler whose current comfort with and love of dogs I attribute in large part to Patricia’s sweet dogs and her confidence and skill leading them. She was the first person I went to when we were ready to get our own dog, and she assured me that “our dog would find us”. And he did! Now that we have a puppy of our own, Patricia has been an integral part in our socializing, exercising, training, and caring for our puppy. She has also taught our kid (and us) so much about what it means to be reliable, responsible, smart, gentle, and kind in the presence of dogs – just by being around her and part of her pack! We can’t imagine our dogs life and our life as dog owners without Patricia. She’s a part of the family! ~ A A., San Francisco, CA

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